Roots to Routes
Double Exposure

14th September 2021
Kongsberg Art Center

16th September 2021
Vestfold Art Center


Screening programme:

Eglé Budvytyté, Vocabulary Lesson, 2009
Leva Epnere, Potom, 2016 and Sea of Living Memories, 2016
Anastasia Sosunova, Demikhov Dog, 2017
Ingel Vaikla, Double Exposure, 2019
Kristina Norman, Bring Back My Fire Gods, 2018
Emilija Skarnulyté, Aldona, 2013


The screening programme ​Double Exposure* introduces films and video works by contemporary artists from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The focus of the selected works is on Soviet heritage, particularly urban environment, architecture, and monuments in the Baltic states and their neighbouring countries. In the presented films and videos, which date back to a past decade, once grandiose Soviet modernism becomes a strangely alienated and neglected background – a controversial environment of colliding memories and narratives.

Being confronted by haunted ruins of the past and facing a drastically altered environment of the post-Soviet-society, the authors of the selected works are profoundly triggered by conflicts of identity and belonging in their immediate surroundings. Notably, the presented films and videos demonstrate how even most intimate personal stories become deeply rooted in our collective memory.

*Ingel Vaikla, Double Exposure, 13’36, 2019.

The programme is curated by Roots to Routes (Juste Kostikovaite, Maija Rudovska, Merilin Talumaa).


Vestfold Kunstsenter is supported by Art Council Norway (Norsk Kulturfond) and Vestfold and Telemark County.