Roots to Routes

(Dis)covering … Mountains
Flo Kasearu & Sara Bédard-Goulet
Published in English
& French, 2020
ISBN: 978-99-1640-119-4

12 June, 2021
Book presentation, lectures, discussion
Flo Kasearu House Museum, Tallinn
In collaboration with Radio Night University

16 October, 2021
Park de La Barasse, Marseille
In collaboration with Le Bureau des guides

“Three sources led to journeys among the people settled on the ruins of the Roman Empire: the zeal of religion, the ardour of conquest, the spirit of adventure and enterprise, mixed with the greed of commerce. What drives us to travel today? What kind of traveler can one be in this world?”

(Extract from the pocket book (Dis)covering … Mountains, p. 14)

(Dis)covering … Mountains is a pocket book that artist Flo Kasearu and researcher Sara Bédard-Goulet created in collaboration with each other, published in English and French towards the end of 2020 as part of the Roots to Routes programme. The book explores an epic journey to Marseille amidst the coronavirus outbreak, embarking on various places along the route until reaching the end destination at Park de la Barasse. (Dis)covering … Mountains is partly about an imaginary journey which, through travel writing and drawings, describes the hidden culture and landscape of the Park de la Barasse, known above all for its toxic red mountains.

Lectures are recorded by Radio Night University

Listen to Mehis Heinsaar‘s lecture Psychogeographical pilgrimages

Listen to Leena Kurvet-Käosaar‘s lecture Pros and cons of mobile worlds

Flo Kasearu lives and works in Tallinn in the Flo Kasearu House Museum which she established in 2013. Her activity-based practice takes on the form of videos, photography, painting and installations. Her works are seasonal and explorative, dissecting problems at a grassroots level and dealing with topics such as freedom, patriotism and nationalism, domestic violence, and the tension between public and private spaces. Often working in a fast and reactionary way, Flo Kasearu reacts to different social processes with a refined sense of humour, as well as often elevating seemingly mundane biographical events into works of art.

Sara Bédard-Goulet is ASTRA Professor of Romance Studies at the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures of the University of Tartu, Estonia. Her main research interests in the field of contemporary French-language literature include reader-response theories, literature and psychoanalysis, ecocriticism and geopoetics. She is currently co-editing a collection of articles about representations of northern forests and working on a monograph on contemporary dwelling in the novels of French author Jean Echenoz. She has led a SSHRC-funded research-creation project on bodies and space and is currently leading a research-creation project on response events to cultural productions funded by the Faculty of Humanities and Arts of the University of Tartu, as well as a Nordplus-funded higher education project to enhance Canadian Studies in the Baltic and Nordic countries.

(Dis)covering … Mountains was supported by Estonian Embassy in Paris, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Halika Õunatalu, Allika Kombucha and Estonian Academy of Arts.

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