Trailer of an audio-guided walk Grandeur Nature performed by Anne-Sophie Turion and residents of La Barasse

Roots to Routes
Les Parallèles du sud – Manifesta 13 Marseille

Grandeur Nature
Anne-Sophie Turion
October 10, 2020
Vallon De La Barasse

Curated by Merilin Talumaa, Maija Rudovska, Justė Kostikovaitė

Walk audio-guided and performed by Anne-Sophie Turion with the participation of residents of La Barasse.

La Barasse: its wooded paths against the backdrop of Ikea signs, its filth of toxic red mud, its workers’ houses, its tranquility of timeless villages, its groups practicing Tai chi, its packs of wild boars that descend at nightfall, its open-air cafes, its waterfall of coffee grounds and its boxing champions.

Between audio-guided stroll and performance, Grandeur Nature recreates the invisible stories of La Barasse and its inhabitants. Interweaving descriptions, personal anecdotes and related stories, one becomes the voice-over for a film that is orchestrated live. The extras are none other than the inhabitants themselves, the landscape scrolls past, past and present overlap without any jump cuts: the staging here slips into reality so well that it could go unnoticed.

Grandeur Nature was co-produced by Roots to Routes, Bureau des guides du GR2013 and the Département des Bouches du Rhônes as part of Hospitalités du GR2013.

Anne-Sophie Turion is an artist based in Marseille, France. Whether on stage or in the public space, Anne-Sophie Turion invents artwork as if she was creating rifts. Through performance, installation, and interventions in urban spaces, her work tackles and re-qualifies the notion of reality with a willingness to shift it towards the realm of fiction. Her work has been shown in exhibitions as well as in theatres: at the Magasin CNAC Grenoble, Festival Actoral (Marseille), Centre d’Art de la Ferme du Buisson (Noisiel), Centrale Fies Italy (where she was granted the Performance Art Award in 2013), Théâtre de la Cité Internationale within the context of New Settings program – Fondation Hermès (Paris), Centre Pompidou (Paris), Fondation Ricard (Paris), 3bisf (Aix-en-Provence), Kunsthal Aarhus (Danemark), among others.