Book launch and exhibition
29th of June, 17:00–20:00
L’AiR Arts International Arts Research Residency
Atelier 11 Cité Falguière, 75015 Paris

Join us for an exclusive presentation of Laura Põld’s latest body of work Translating and Co-labouring (2023), as she concludes her artist residency at L’AiR Arts Paris. During this special occasion, we will celebrate the launch of the much-anticipated book, Your Time Is My Time, featuring a visual essay Woolen (2022–2023) by Laura Põld.

Your Time Is My Time analyses contemporary artistic practices among artists from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in the context of evolving global networks and art production. The book focuses on artists from the Baltic countries who have been living and working outside of the region for longer periods of time or who have been engaged in a nomadic lifestyle, constantly travelling between different cities and countries. It explores different aspects of migration, precariousness, belonging, and community-building in the practices of these artists, in order to reflect on how the working conditions shape their artworks.

Your Time Is My Time also captures a turning point in the perception of temporal, geographic, and social proximity, and the shift towards finding more sustainable artistic methods and practices in response to deepening economic and ecological distress. Has this current era of crises resulted in new ways of working? How has the meaning of home and workplace changed?

Compiled & edited by Annika Toots & Merilin Talumaa

Texts by Inga Lāce, Sandra Skurvida, Emma Duester, Neringa Černiauskaitė

With contributions by Žilvinas Kempinas, Vytenis Jankūnas, Viktor Timofeev, Ella Kruglyanskaya, Daiga Grantiņa, Ingel Vaikla, Pakui Hardware, Merike Estna, Agnė Juodvalkytė, Katja Novitskova, Dorota Gawęda & Eglė Kulbokaitė, Lina Lapelytė, Evita Vasiļjeva, Emilija Škarnulytė, Laura Põld, Maria Kapajeva

Design by Kert Viiart

Published & distributed by Mousse Publishing & Roots to Routes

216 pages
Softcover, 17 x 23 cm
ISBN 978-88-6749-591-7
€25 / $29.95


Laura Põld’s recent textile pieces represent an artist who is embracing more sustainable methods and practices in response to the growing economic and ecological challenges. Her work creates tangible yet abstract forms in textiles, emphasizing repetition and labor as the foundation for building meaningful lives. Textile’s role in society often overlooks the undervalued labor involved, which entails translating between the hand, mind, and material, as well as bridging individual and social spheres. Põld’s weaving represents both production, marking work and morality, and projection, symbolizing status, possibilities, and the continuum of time. Through the incorporation of folk motifs, crafting tools, and loose threads, her artworks provoke contemplation on the tension between weaving a cohesive timeline or exposing the flaws and disruptions within the fabric of narrative time.

The event is supported by the Estonian Embassy in Paris

The book is supported by Estonian Ministry of Culture, Outset Estonia, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Society of Art Historians and Curators, Nordic Culture Point